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Brand Introduction

Focus on the department store industry for 15 years, select fast-fashion and high-quality goods specialty stores

MINIGOOD is a specialty store that selects high-quality fast-fashion products. It is a new type of fashion and leisure collection store. Together with catering, entertainment, and fast-fashion clothing, it has become the main store of department stores and shopping centers. We strive to provide consumers around the world with simple, comfortable, pleasant and reasonably priced daily necessities, and under the theme of realizing the "fast fashion" consumption of high-quality lifestyle department stores, we create a new fashionable and casual shopping atmosphere, allowing customers to experience happiness and fashion in consumption,healthy lifestyle.

In 2013, MINIGOOD entered China and has a comprehensive layout in the fashion and leisure department store market in China. We cover all stages of its business, including design, production, logistics and sales. At present, MINIGOOD has 1,400 officially opened stores around the world, with an average of 20-30 stores per month.

Eight categories, 800 new products are launched every month,
and 8000 products are on sale

A good life stems from the concept of high-quality life. We strive to provide consumers around the world with simple, comfortable, pleasant, and affordable daily necessities. Because we have accumulated in the supply chain of Chinese department stores for many years, including working with well-known supply chain management companies in some fields, such as Ruizhi sourcing, to achieve high performance price comparison products. With the tenet of high quality and low price, we create a cost-effective one-stop daily necessities distribution center for global consumers. Our products cover eight categories, including life department stores, creative home furnishings, digital accessories, health and beauty, beautiful accessories, office entertainment, exquisite bags, and fashion products. With 800 SKU updates per month, we quickly grab consumers’ attention. Ensure the repurchase rate and increase store turnover.

Genuine authorized cooperation with world-renowned brands, 1000+ high-quality suppliers

Go deep into all parts of the world, strictly control the origin, craftsmanship, and raw materials of all commodities, and strive to provide consumers with truly "high-quality, creative, and low-cost" products!
Minigood and Peppa Pig, Doraemon, Big Head Son, Little Head Papa, Bear Haunt, Undersea Column, Disney, Pokémon, B.DUCK, Ultraman, Marvel, Sesame Street, Minions, etc. Well-known brands have established genuine authorized partnerships, and have more than 1,000 high-quality suppliers who have undergone continuous screening and precipitation and stable cooperation. The supply of products is stable and guaranteed.

Brand new minimalist Nordic style shop, simple atmosphere

The minimalist white containers with bright lights make people enjoy relaxation and pleasure in the space. In the display of products, the brand-new container design and the high and low combination dislocations make each product appear in the most suitable position in terms of color, texture and style. The look and feel adds a transparent and bright visual effect, and the details reflect the brand’s right The pursuit of perfection and high quality brings customers the most comfortable product experience.

Hot Spot in Global Stores

Minigood adheres to the corporate culture of "helping others and achieving oneself", and following the business tenet of "customer first, service first", and unswervingly provides shoppers with one-stop shopping service for department store merchandise. The brand image of "high quality, good price, comprehensive product and convenience" has been established in the minds of consumers, which has created minigood's influence in China's department store retail industry.

63 countries and regions, 1400+ stores worldwide

We believe that a high-quality lifestyle has no borders!

Minigood's global stores have exceeded 1400, and it has reached strategic partnerships with 63 countries and regions including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, India, Singapore, and Australia. On average, one minigood opens every day, especially the number of stores in the United States, Mexico, Spain, and Southeast Asia is increasing rapidly, with more than 8,000 employees worldwide; minigood continues to develop high-quality and inexpensive products to deliver happiness to consumers around the world and surprise!


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