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Brand Introduction

Focus on the department store industry for 15 years, select fast-fashion and high-quality goods specialty stores

MINIGOOD is a specialty store that selects high-quality fast-fashion products. It is a new type of fashion and leisure collection store. Together with catering, entertainment, and fast-fashion clothing, it has become the main store of department stores and shopping centers. We strive to provide consumers around the world with simple, comfortable, pleasant and reasonably priced daily necessities, and under the theme of realizing the "fast fashion" consumption of high-quality lifestyle department stores, we create a new fashionable and casual shopping atmosphere, allowing customers to experience happiness and fashion in consumption,healthy lifestyle.

In 2013, MINIGOOD entered China and has a comprehensive layout in the fashion and leisure department store market in China. We cover all stages of its business, including design, production, logistics and sales. At present, MINIGOOD has 1,400 officially opened stores around the world, with an average of 20-30 stores per month.

Based on the understanding of the relationship between the environment, people's lifestyles and products, MINIGOOD chooses natural and environmentally friendly materials as much as possible in terms of brand concept, product design, product production, and product sales. While maintaining the durability of the product, it also considers the recyclability of the product.

Our products include eight categories: life department stores, creative home furnishings, digital accessories, health and beauty, office entertainment, beautiful accessories, exquisite bags, and fashion products.


Focus on the department store industry for 15 years, select fast fashion high-quality goods specialty stores

In 2007, China's small commodity wholesale online launched, based in Yiwu Trade City, providing online procurement services for retail stores across the country.


In 2009, the ninth directly-operated store opened in Nanjing, opening the direct-operated management model.


In 2012, the franchise channel was officially opened and the headquarter is located in Yiwu, China. Signed the film star Liu Yan as the brand spokesperson.


In 2013, a new brand minigood was established and transformed into a fast fashion, leisure and lifestyle shopping collection store.


Best China sourcing agent Ruizhi sourcing and minigood form a strategic cooperative relationship with us. And Ruizhi sourcing become the core supplier of minigood in 2014


In 2015, the East China headquarters was established in Shanghai. Minigood has 300 stores nationwide.


In 2016, the international market was opened, and the first overseas flagship store of minigood opened in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.


In 2017, overseas markets were in full swing. Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Australia, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia and other regions have signed contracts for opening.


In 2018, Spain, Morocco, the United States, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and other European and American markets have signed contracts for opening. The number of global stores exceeded 1,000.


In 2019, minigood has spread to 63 countries and regions around the world, with more than 1,400 stores

Genuine authorized cooperation with world-renowned brands, 1000+ high-quality suppliers

Go deep into all parts of the world, strictly control the origin, craftsmanship, and raw materials of all commodities, and strive to provide consumers with truly "high-quality, creative, and low-cost" products!
Minigood and Peppa Pig, Doraemon, Big Head Son, Little Head Papa, Bear Haunt, Undersea Column, Disney, Pokémon, B.DUCK, Ultraman, Marvel, Sesame Street, Minions, etc. Well-known brands have established genuine authorized partnerships, and have more than 1,000 high-quality suppliers who have undergone continuous screening and precipitation and stable cooperation. The supply of products is stable and guaranteed.

Mainstream Mall Partners

Focus on the department store industry for 15 years, select fast fashion high-quality goods specialty stores

Mainstream Mall Partners

Focus on the department store industry for 15 years, select fast fashion high-quality goods specialty stores


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